Drayage / Trucking

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While there are hundreds of companies who offer trucking and drayage services, there is only one with Dunavant's unique background and expertise. Our name is on the line with every move we make; simply stated, our goal is to outperform at every turn.

Dunavant manages thousands of container shipments a year, both domestic and international. As a sole-source provider for one of the nation's largest exporters, we have built a reputation for exemplary service and communication, while providing capacity in even the busiest shipping times.

We provide 24-hour service and tracking backed by a dedicated team of professionals. We also provide dedicated fleets, local cartage, regional and long-haul truckload and last-mile store deliveries.

We invite you to explore our drayage/trucking services and ask us more about how Dunavant can meet your individual needs. 

Learn more about Dunavant's drayage and trucking offerings here.